Bowers Development is constantly looking for older buildings, with unique architecture.  With a clear understanding that many of these buildings could never be reproduced at a competitive cost today, we see significant opportunity in preserving these treasures.  Many of these architectural gems are simply irreplaceable with a rich history and classic design that is impossible to duplicate.  Unfortunately, many have been vacant for sustained periods leaving them in various states of disrepair.

By applying our expertise in imaginative redesign and responsible development, we have been able to rescue a number of notable properties and return them to productive service within their communities.  One specific example is the New Century Building in Utica, NY.  Located at 253 Genesee Street, Utica, NY it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in September 1985.

It is architecturally significant for its Greek Revival architecture, once characteristic of this part of the city of Utica. It is socially significant as the home of the New Century Club, a women’s civic organization established in 1893 and was hailed as responsible throughout the early twentieth century for projects that notably improved Utica’s educational system, outdoor recreational facilities and youth justice system.  Bowers Development is currently restoring this building and is proud to be part of the bridge from past to present, and well into the future.

Reclaiming Classical Elegance:

  • Identify eligible properties
  • Gain historic eligibility
  • Gain historic designation
  • Manage tax credit compliance
  • Structure tax credit economics
  • Perform construction restoration
  • Conform to related construction requirements